Early Retirement Travel Adventures

Argentina and Uruguay 2024

We loved our trip to Latin America so much last year that we'e going back for more! And this time we're heading even farther south into Argentina and Uruguay.

Slow Travel: How We Prepare To Arrive in a New City

As slow travelers, we have a bit of a routine that we follow to prep for our arrival in any new place. This routine reduces my anxiety and helps me feel ready for our next adventure. We just arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Aires has over 15 million people and there are so many things to do here. Some of the culture reminds me of other South American countries, but other things are quite different, like managing our money with the high inflation rate here. So check out our blog post for 5 things we do to prepare for our arrival into a new city.

Slow Travel: Costs of Living like an Expat in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina is a city of 15 million people, located on the Rio de la Plata on the south eastern side of South America. And it has attracted expats and long-term travelers from all over South America and many other places, looking for a world-class city with a less expensive cost-of-living. This month, we've rented an apartment in the beautiful Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. This area has tree-lined streets, botanical gardens, and lots of restaurants. But how much does it cost to live here? In this video and blog post we look at the prices of products and services across 6 different categories.

Our Favorite Things about Buenos Aires for Slow Travelers and Digital Nomads

We're currently spending time in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As slow travelers, we get to spend more time in each city we visit and really get to know it. We're able to find places that aren't on the usual tourist routes and have time to revisit our favourite spots. But we also have more daily living needs, like fast internet, to support our regular life. So here are our favourite things about Buenos Aires for slow travelers and digital nomads.

Buenos Aires for Slow Travelers: Lesser Known Things to Do and Places to Eat

If you're only in Buenos Aires for a few days, you're likely going to focus your time on the most famous and well-known landmarks and restaurants in the city. But if you're a slow traveler or digital nomad like us, and you're here for a little longer, you'll have time to visit some of the other great spots. Today we're sharing some fantastic places to see and eat, that we found just by wandering around, getting to know the neighbourhoods, and talking to locals. Things like Yerba Mate, Tigre, the best empanadas, and the best time to visit the San Telmo market. These places might not be on a "Top 10" list but they are definitely worth your time if you're here for a bit longer! So check out our list here.

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