Long Term Unconventional Travel

Northern British Columbia

We're getting on the road again, and this time to Northern BC! We'll be sleeping in our Honda Pilot SUV Camper each night, and stopping along the way to check out all the cities and towns. How far north will we get? We're not sure yet! We're aiming for Prince Rupert to start, and if it's going well, we'll continue up to Yukon and maybe even Alaska.

For our unconventional travel adventures and creative DIY & repair projects to support our travel, check out our blog posts below, along with our Instagram feed for regular photo updates and our YouTube channel for videos!

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Window Cover Updates and First Leg of Road Trip

We’re making a few more improvements to the window covers of our SUV Camper from a previous video and spending our first few days on the road to from Vancouver into Northern BC, camping and sleeping in our car each night. Check out our video to follow the adventure.

DIY Tripod Phone Holder and Sleeping in Our SUV on our Road Trip Through Northern BC

DIY Tripod Phone Holder and Sleeping in Our SUV in Lillooet, Lac La Hache, and Williams Lake on our Road Trip Through Northern British Columbia.

SUV Camper Rear Window Cover, Sleeping in our SUV in Northern BC, and Canada Day in Prince George

We're making a DIY rear window cover for our Honda Pilot SUV camper, spending Canada Day in Prince George, and camping at free rec sites. Our DIY rear window cover is made with the leftover expanded foam PVC from our front side window cover project and was perfect for covering up the back of our trunk when we left our SUV parked for Canada Day festivities in Prince George. Our northern BC road trip to Yukon and Alaska also has us lucking out with free lake-side camping. We ended up staying around Prince George for several nights because of all the free camping - we would never get this in Vancouver!

Free Lakefront Camping in Our SUV and Fixing Our Windshield Cover on our Northern BC Road Trip

Right now we're checking out the free camping areas near Prince George, Smithers, and Terrace. And Chris is repairing our front windshield cover too, that we use to give us privacy when we're sleeping in our car.

How We Power Our Phones, Laptops, Lights & Fans When Camping in our SUV + Our Road Trip to Kitimat

We're currently in Kitimat, British Columbia and we're exploring the giant trees and waterfalls in the area. While we're on the road, we still need to power our phones, laptops, lights, and fans. This video is all about how we keep the power going in our Honda Pilot tiny camper using solar panels and portable power stations, and our time in Kitimat.

Boondocking in our SUV Camper, Whales and Grizzly Bears in Prince Rupert, and Fixing Our Tripod

We're driving from Terrace to Prince Rupert, finding some free camping at a trailhead, fixing our broken tripod, and going on a Whale Watching and Grizzly Bear Tour to see whales make bubble nets and see grizzly bears in the wild. It was such an amazing day. We've been on so many whale watching tours before, but had never seen bubble nets being made and whales feeding quite like this!

Where We've Been Staying

Date Location Cost
Sunday, June 26 2022 Seton Lake BC Hydro site just before Lillooet Free
Monday, June 27 2022 Lac La Hache Provincial Park $18
Tuesday, June 28 2022 Williams Lake Visitor Center parking lot Free
Wednesday, June 29 2022 Chubb Lake Rec Site 45 min south of Prince George Free
Thursday, June 30 2022 Chubb Lake Rec Site 45 min south of Prince George Free
Friday, July 1 2022 Cobb Lake Rec Site about 45 min west of Prince George Free
Saturday, July 2 2022 Cobb Lake Rec Site about 45 min west of Prince George Free
Sunday, July 3 2022 Pullout overlooking Smithers Free
Monday, July 4 2022 Ksan campground in Hazelton $20 + $2 per wash + $2 per dry + $1 for showers
Tuesday, July 5 2022 Kitimat River wild camping 20 min south of Terrace Free
Wednesday, July 6 2022 Kitimat River wild camping 20 min south of Terrace Free
Thursday, July 7 2022 Butze Rapids trailhead near Prince Rupert Free
Friday, July 8 2022 Prudhomme Prov Park outside Prince Rupert $20
Saturday, July 9 2022 Nisga'a Campground $20
Sunday, July 10 2022 Meziadin Junction Prov Park $22
Monday, July 11 2022 Meziadin Junction Prov Park $22
Tuesday, July 12 2022 Large gravel pit pull out north of Dease Lake Free
Wednesday, July 13 2022 Boya Lake Prov Park $20
Thursday, July 14 2022 Rest stop west of Watson Lake, Yukon Free
Friday, July 15 2022 Government campground west of Teslin $20
Saturday, July 16 2022 Lake Lebarge government campground north of Whitehorse $20
Sunday, July 17 2022 Rest stop west of Whitehorse Free

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