Othello Tunnels and Fraser Canyon, BC

Sept. 4 2018
Othello Tunnels and the Fraser Canyon
Posted by Emilie

I'm already missing the sunshine and heat from our Labour Day weekend along the Fraser and Thompson Rivers. We left Vancouver on Saturday morning and had arrived in Hope, BC within 2 hours. After picking up a few supplies, we decided to check out the Othello Tunnels. The Othello Tunnels are an impressive grouping of old railroad tunnels carved out to allow passage between the Fraser Canyon and the Pacific Ocean. The history of how they were built (including lowering engineers down in baskets to check out the ravine!) was nail bitting. We didn't think we had arrived that early (about 10:30am), but we were glad we did as there was almost no overflow parking available when we left.

We were also able to see some salmon swimming up-stream to spawn in the ravines below the tunnels.

After the tunnels, we drove another 90 minutes up highway 1 along the Gold Rush trail. There were even more tunnels - but this time for cars!

After passing Lytton, we found a campground we liked and decided to stay there for the remainder of the long weekend. There was a hiking trail from the campground as well. We followed the quiet uphill trail for about 45 minutes before arriving at a sweeping view of the valley below.