Lillooet and Joffre Lakes, BC

August 8 2018
Lillooet and Joffre Lakes
Posted by Emilie

Chris and I decided late on Friday evening to go camping over the long weekend. I woke up at 6am on Saturday morning, went to the grocery store, prepped our camping food, packed our gear, and hit the road by about 8:30am. I was pleased that I could get everything organized so quickly and even squeeze in a shower!

We headed up to one of our favourite spots near Lillooet. The creek was beautiful and there were so many fish. We discovered that the fish really liked to eat mosquitos, so each time we killed a mosquito that was trying to bite us, we threw it in the creek and watched the fish jump for it.

On Sunday evening, Chris picked some raspberries for us and boiled them into a compote. Delicious camping treat!

We've lived in Vancouver for almost 15 years and we've never done the Joffre Lakes hike. I'd heard it was beautiful, but each time we drove by the trail head, the number of people fighting for spots in the parking lot always scared us away. So on BC Day Monday, we woke up at 6am, packed up our campsite, and drove to Joffre Lakes. When we arrived at 7:15am, there was plenty of room in the parking lot.

This hike was worth it! The first lake was beautiful and the second lake was stunning. I didn't think it could get any more amazing - then we arrived at the third lake, with the glaciers in the background of the aquamarine coloured lake. So glad we did the hike! We sat on the rocks for a long time just looking out at the scenery. We eventually peeled ourselves away to continue the hike to the campground on the other side of the lake.

By the time we turned around to head back, the trail was starting to get crowded.

The hike has some inclines and a bit of scrambling. The trail is fun, jog-able, and well marked.

After Joffre, we headed to Alta Lake in Whistler to have some lunch, then we headed back to Vancouver.