Winter Camping at Porteau Cove

Jan 18 2022
Winter Camping at Porteau Cove in Our Honda Pilot Microcamper
Posted by Emilie

Winter is an amazing but daunting time to camp. Outside the cities, the ground is covered in snow, the logging roads are even narrower than usual, and keeping your toes warm becomes a full-time activity. But despite these challenges, winter also provides much quieter campgrounds and a different perspective on the world. Hot sunny days by the lake are replaced with afternoon campfires and warm tea. Wildlife leave their tracks in the snow and mountain views are no longer obstructed by leafy trees. Winter camping brings a calmness and clarity to life and a sense of satisfaction after conquering the elements most don't want to brave.

Chris and I took our first camping trip of 2022 to the Squamish River Valley and Porteau Cove Provincial Park. In the summertime, Porteau Cove is near impossible to get into, with reservations needed 4 months in advance, especially for the prized waterfront spots. But we were able to get amazing camping spots in the park, without paying the additional reservation fee, just by driving up and camping there during the winter season. The wildlife and marine life are so active, and fascinating to watch while sitting by the fire sipping on some tea. Nights come early in the winter, but we stay cozy under our warm duvet in the Honda Pilot microcamper. Definitely worth getting out in the cold for a different camping experience.

Jan 28 2022
Winter Camper Projects
Posted by Emilie

We're updating our custom car window screens and working on some other DIY projects to make our SUV camper more comfortable. The changes to our car window screens and window covers make it easier to manage the power for the fans. Our other projects make it easier to play games, watch tv, stay dry, and eat while we're camping, especially as we spend more time in our tiny camper in the winter! Check out our video for all the details!

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