Prep to hike Yushan, Taiwan

Oct. 14 2018
Deeks Lake Hike, BC
Posted by Emilie

Our application to climb Yushan has been accepted, so we decided we better start training for it. Yushan, or Jade Mountain, stands 3952m tall, and is the highest peak in Eastern Asia. The hike itself is 18.8km with an elevation change of 1352m. This puts it as our steepest extended climb, steeper than when we hiked out of the Grand Canyon. And we'll be doing it in the winter when there will be snow covering the peak.

We selected the Deeks Lake hike as our first training hike, with a distance of 12km and an elevation change of 969m, making it slightly steeper than Yushan but shorter in length.

We parked in the lot off Porteau Road and started the hike just before noon. The hike started off relatively easy, but turned steep, rocky, and root covered a few kilometers in.

There were some limited views of Howe Sound near the top.

And after a couple of hours, we arrived at the lake! We spent some time lying on the logs to soak up the sun before heading back.

We even saw a goat in the distance. It's that white dot in the middle of the photo - can you see it?